Monthly Archives: November 2009

November 24

Black Friday Buyer’s Guide

‘Tis the season to go shopping!  And many times this means shopping for a camera for yourself or for a loved one.  Which then likely means staring at a row of cameras in a retailer totally perplexed on what to buy and if the guy “helping” you has any clue what he is talking about […]

Down on the Farm

Hope you liked the above video compilation of a recent shoot at Rolling Hills Ranch in Bridgeville with Lauren.  I had a great time on this shoot and I think we produced some fantastic photos together!  To see larger versions of the photos (and leave any comments) check out my Facebook fan page linked to […]

November 18

Interview: Jeff Zoet (Episode II)

In a galaxy far, far away… there lived a photographer named Jeff Zoet.  And in order to bring balance to the Force, and because he is a good guy, he agreed to be interviewed by this Jedi warrior wannabe!  Glad that all of you enjoyed the first part of this interview…  and as a special […]

November 16

Interview: Jeff Zoet (Episode I)

I am excited to launch what I hope are a long line of interesting interviews with talented individuals related to the world of photography.  And I am privileged to kick it off with a good one! Jeff Zoet (pronounced Zoot) grew up on a hog farm in Holland, Michigan.  10 years after moving to Pittsburgh […]

My Mind is Blank Already!

Posting number two and I am already searching for words?  This can’t be a good sign!  Or perhaps it is merely the added pressure that a second post brings.  You give me the benefit of the doubt on a first post as it is new and of course just the first post.  But the second…no […]

The Beginning…

Testing….testing  1, 2, 3.  Is this thing on?  So I have started a blog…now what?  How do I start?  What do I say?  Is there a protocal for such a thing?  Shouldn’t the first ever post be something grand and memorable that will stand the test of time and be a ground breaking, earth shattering […]