The Beginning…

Testing….testing  1, 2, 3.  Is this thing on?  So I have started a blog…now what?  How do I start?  What do I say?  Is there a protocal for such a thing?  Shouldn’t the first ever post be something grand and memorable that will stand the test of time and be a ground breaking, earth shattering statement so profound and amazing that I instantly have calls from the media spanning the globe wanting to know more about my blog?  Well if that is the case, I should probably just stop now!!

So I guess it is appropriate to share why in the world, with millions of other blogs already out there (999,999 of which I have never looked at, read, or visited), would I decide to start one too.  I guess you could say that I was inspired.  Inspired after attending the Pittsburgh PodCamp in early October and learned more about the wild world of social media/marketing.  What is PodCamp?  One of the organizers described it as Geeksmas…a holiday for geeks that love all things social media that comes once a year.

I had actually considered starting a blog for some time, but needed the little extra push/motivation.  So how am I qualified to start and write a blog?  Well I’m not really.  But who is?  But as some of you might already know, I was an avid writer as a child and also VERY involved in the school newspaper in high school and college.  I eeven dun me sum editting fer a fuw yeers.  All that I write now are boring grants and reports for work.  So part of me is also hoping this will give me an outlet to write again.

So what can you expect from this blog?  Let’s start first with what not to expect:

  • Daily posts – just don’t have the time and fear I would run out of material too quickly
  • Just my photo stuff – While I will likely talk about my photog experiences, don’t want it to just be about me
  • In-depth detailed product reviews – YAWWWN!!  BORING!!
  • Same old same old (I hope!) – See above comment

What to expect though:

  • Main focus will be on photography – Probably pretty obvious based on the name, huh?
  • Information for all audiences – a little bit for hardcore photographers, models, stylist, MUA (makeup artists), amateurs that own a camera, and hopefully anyone that likes a good read
  • Photos – Will definitely include photos in the blog posts (maybe even some videos if I can figure out how) to keep things interesting
  • Interaction – Would really like feedback on the blog, conversations, involvement, etc. and will likely solicit it often from you
  • Contests – A few ideas already, but will try not to do so many that they become boring
  • Interviews – Hear from others in the industry.  Already have feelers out and first two interviewees committed (some pretty good ones too!!  SUSPENSE!!).  A way for me to tap into those journalistic skills again but also keep things interesting and hopefully offer what no one else is doing!

So I guess that is where I will end this first of many posts!  Thanks for visiting!!  Hope to see you back real soon!!  Second post will appear on Friday.  Tell a friend.