Much on the Horizon

So it has been about a week since the last blog post so I thought I would give you a quick update on some things in the works or recently launched.

1.  New Flickr Group – As a way to share photos with each other related to discussions here, continue dialog on specific topics, or share photos for contests, I have created a new Flickr Group.  Check it out and join by clicking here.

2.  Childhood Memories Photo Contest – Announced this fun contest on my Facebook Fan Page and on the above mentioned Photoburgh Flickr group.  Even gave you some photos to get the creative juices flowing a bit.  Hope you participate!!  There is a prize!  Ends Dec 11.

3.  Interview with Chris Rolinson – The first part of the interview with Christopher Rolinson will hit the blog on Monday, Dec. 7.  Chris is a father, photographer, artist, journalist, teacher, veteran, hiker, bicycler, brewer, and kayaker.  He is also the owner of StartPoint Media and a photography professor at Point Park University.  Still have to dictate the great interview with Chris, but it will indeed be worth the read!  Stay tuned on Facebook for updates.

4.  Future interviews – Have the next couple of interviews lined up and more ideas to pursue.  But let me know if there are people you think would be interesting to speak with for the blog or if there are particular topics/types of people most of interest to you.  Definitely will be interviewing some people on fashion and modeling in the coming weeks as well to add some diversity.

5.  Book reviews – Next week I will be sharing some thoughts on book recommendations that surely will help any of you in the world of photography, modeling, fashion, design, or any other life endeavor.  A new tab will also then be added with listed/recommended resources.

6.  Photo of the Week – I will be selecting a photo of the week to share each week.  Might be something recently taken, might be from the archives, might be from someone else.  Be watching for it.

7. More contests/prizes – I have idea for at least the next couple of contests.  So plenty of opportunities throughout December to get involved, share with others, and pick up a camera and have some fun!

I think that’s about all for now!  Thanks for reading and participating!!  And feel free to add a link to the blog or mention it to a friend!