Monthly Archives: January 2010

January 26

Poladroid: Old School Still Cool

While many might have fond memories of cameras from the past, how many can say that they would prefer shooting with an old camera versus a modern day digital?  I know…I know…there are a few of you out there still into film and doing some neat things with the older technology.  But if you are […]

January 18

Photo of the Week

I am sure there is something really in-depth and thought provoking that I should share with this photo of the week.  But I honestly can’t think of anything.  I just REALLY like this photo!  Captured while exploring an abandoned manufacturing facility in McKeesport, PA just outside of Pittsburgh.

January 15

Interview: ModCloth’s Danielle Bouchette – Part II

Thanks for stopping back to check out Part II of the interview with‘s Danielle Bouchette.  If you missed part one, you might want to scroll down and start there first.  This is one of the longer interviews I have posted here to date, but I think there is a ton of great info!  In […]

January 11

Interview: ModCloth’s Danielle Bouchette

The start of this blog was a result of attending the Pittsburgh PodCamp in October 2009.  This is also where I had the chance to meet Alicia Barnes, the PR Manager for who graciously arranged for me to share this interview with all of you!  Thanks Alicia!!  I really didn’t know much about ModCloth, […]

January 09

New Year’s Goals

Ever started out your year by saying something along the lines of “I resolve to…”?  How long is it before you have gone astray or given up on the resolution?  I know I have more times than I can count!  Why is that?  Because a resolution is different from a commitment.  A commitment is backed […]

January 07

Photo of the Week: Summer Yet?

Thought I would share a few photos to help put your mind somewhere other than the present moment where in most parts of the world it is FREEZING cold. Here in Pittsburgh there is a large snow storm predicted. I am sure that most of us would rather be at the beach! First image is […]

January 05

Baby It’s Cold Outside!!

Well folks it has been WAY too long since I last posted here on the blog!!  The holidays and laziness I guess are what I can blame it on!  But back in gear for the new year.  HAHA!  Seriously though I have some great posts on the way for your reading enjoyment.  Some helpful insights […]