Poladroid: Old School Still Cool

While many might have fond memories of cameras from the past, how many can say that they would prefer shooting with an old camera versus a modern day digital?  I know…I know…there are a few of you out there still into film and doing some neat things with the older technology.  But if you are not, there is software available to get a similar look and feel using your digital files.  A year or so ago, I heard about one such piece of software called Poladroid (http://www.poladroid.net/) .  A neat, downloadable application that allows you to take any digital file and instantly make it into a digital version of Polaroids from years ago.  While it doesn’t allow much control over the end results, it can still be a fun way to spice up some photos!

Here are a few examples of the results you can achieve from the Poladroid software.  And you can see more of these photos at:   http://www.flickr.com/photos/sdietz/sets/72157614277939672/ Want to share your Poladroid creations?  Feel free to post some of your favorites to my Photoburgh Flickr page.  Want to see what others have created?  Check out the Poladroid Flickr Page for over 74,000 examples!