Unlock Your Creativity

Creativity is something that I have seemed to always have in abundance whether it was fantasizing about being a super hero or the 5th member of the A-Team…writing stories as a child…or writing newspaper stories in my high school and college days.  But how can someone channel their creative energies into the arts especially those that are not artistic like me?!?  Photography.

We have all no doubt been in a creative rut or question our ability to see the world creatively like so many others seem to be able to do.  I would challenge that we all are creative in some way and just need to make some effort to explore that creativity.  So let me give you just a few examples of how you can add some creativity to your photography by considering the subject matter, composition, or other aspects of photography to see the world differently.  Photo examples are all past work of mine…typically captured while bored, attempting to stretch my creativity, or looking at a scene and figuring out how best to capture the photo that others looking at the same scene do not.

1.  Textures

2. Reflections

3.  Get in close (Macro)

4.  Play with angles

5.  Creative composition

6.  Lead the eye

7.  Get down low

8.  Look up

9.  Shadows

10. Patterns

11. Abstract

12.  Shoot at night

13.  Depth of Field

These are just a few examples that I hope inspire and motivate you to grab your camera and take some creative photos! If you want to learn more about this subject, I highly recommend the book “Learning to See Creatively” by Bryan Peterson. Some great examples in this book as well as photographic challenges.  Any other suggestions on creativity?  Feel free to share!