Been Awhile

So yes, I know it has been quite awhile since I last posted anything to the blog.  I am reminded of this often by my mother.  haha  Life has been busy and I have been a bit uninspired to write.  Several thoughts on posts and ideas and yet no posts.  But still had close to 400 hits to the blog in the couple of months with no activity.  So hopefully some of you found it useful and enjoyed the past posts.

One of the time consumers this month was the BotsIQ robotics competition that I took photos at for the 4th year running now.  2,400 photos taken over 2 days.  Didn’t keep nearly that many of course.  Certainly a challenge to get photos that didn’t look the same as in the past years and yet still capture the essence of the event.  And challenging lighting environment as well with it changing all throughout the venue.  One personal highlight was capturing this photo with metal-on-metal sparks…a shot I was trying to get for the last 4 years!

Image from the 2010 BotsIQ competition. Click the photo to link over to the event Flickr page and see all of my photos.