Photo of the Week and Sneak Peek

Well it has been some time since I last posted something to the blog.  Getting back into the swing of things!  So this is a “hey I’m back…again” blog post, photo of the week, reminder about resources on here, and sneak peek of things to come!

1. Photo of the week!

Along the North Shore of Pittsburgh, riders of the Sea to Shining Sea biking group pay tribute to the country for which they fought. The group was made up of wounded veterans who started by dipping the tires of their bikes in the Pacific Ocean in San Francisco. They are riding across America and will conclude by dipping their tires in the Atlantic Ocean in Virginia Beach. They’ve been on the road 52 days, and in 10 more they’ll finish up with a total of 4,000 miles.

2.  Resources – I would really love for this blog to become a valuable resource for you now and in the future through providing interesting insights, inspiration, tips, and resources.  With that said, have you looked at all of the resources on here?  Links to other great blogs.  My Flickr page.  Links to my YouTube page where I hope to add more content soon, but have favorited TONS of great “how to” videos on photography that are worth checking out.  And now…a new resource tab!  Included in the resource tab are some of the books on my shelf.  Also some referrals to great “people skills” books.  Photography is all about connection right?  And this is typically with people.  So these are skills to always be fine tuning.  Have favorites on your shelf?  Post a comment and let us all know what they are!

3.  SNEAK PEEK!! First of all, am I the only one that always messes up the homonym peek and peak?  But several blog posts in the works for the next week or so!  Hope you check them out, leave feedback, and tell 10 friends.  haha  Upcoming posts include:

  • Monday, August 26 – Interview with active Army and local photographer Michel Sauret!
  • Interview with local fashion designer, model, and event coordinator, Angie Fec
  • Product reviews of the Pentax K-7 and Pentax DA* 50-250mm f/4.  (feel free to hook me up with a Nikon D700 and I will gladly review it!!)
  • Tips on working with models
  • Event photography gear and tips
  • Much, much more!!