Pentax Photokina Wish List

I initially was planning to post a review of my current camera, the Pentax K-7.  But is seems a little pointless with Photokina (one of the world’s largest photography related expos) just a few weeks away where Pentax will most likely reveal their newest product along with other new camera models from Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Panasonic, Samsung, Sony, and others.

My current dSLR – the Pentax K-7

So instead, how about my wish list of what I would like to see from Pentax.  Why not my wish list for other brands?  Because I don’t know nearly enough about them for one thing.  And secondly, although I have thought several times of switching to Nikon, my current system is working well for me and fits within the current budget.  I should also say that I am VERY pleased with my Pentax K-7.  Great camera with a ton of great features and at the current price it is a STEAL!  Which makes this wish list a bit nitpicky in some ways and includes many “would be nice to have” features and not a “need to have”.

  • Better Auto-Focus – Pentax seems to really trail the competition in this regard especially when trying to focus on a moving object
  • Better high ISO performance – While an improvement over past models, the K-7 definitely could use an upgrade in the ability to use higher ISO speeds for faster action or lower lighting conditions.  I rarely use over ISO 800 but if I wanted to crank it up to 1600 or 3200 I doubt I could get a useable image from it.  Also interesting that the K-X (lower end current model for Pentax) actually has better high ISO performance than the current top of the line K-7.
  • Full-frame – While I doubt it will happen and it will not be a deal breaker for me like for some, it would be nice to have the option to stay with Pentax and use a full-frame camera body.
  • Flash sync improvements – Pentax currently synchs with a flash at 1/180 which I find to be a bit limiting.  Industry average seems to be 1/250 which would be nice.  Even nicer would be like the Nikon D70 had where you could sync up to 1/500!
  • Dual card slots – Again, not a need to have but would be convenient having dual SD card slots for longer shooting, instant backup, or to capture longer video files.
  • New flash system – Oh how sweet it would be to have a flash that had the remote capabilities of the Nikon SB900 and their incredible multi-flash wireless system.
  • New lenses – Always good to hear some announcements on new lens offerings.  Of particular interest to me would be something like an 85mm f/1.4 and something fast and long…perhaps a 100-300mm f/4 or f/2.8.  Wouldn’t mind an announcement from Sigma about new lens offerings for Pentax either.

Of course, once again, I could find almost all of this just by switching brands to Nikon.  So I will start passing the hat and you can all contribute to the $3k or so I would need to make the switch.  For the latest insights on what will be coming out of Photokina, I recommend the DPReview website as well as the official Photokina website.

UPDATE:  Looking like Pentax might be making an official announcement on Sept 9.  USA time?  Japan time?  German time?   Can’t wait to hear what is announced!!!