Photographer Appreciation

Since my last post was regarding what it takes to be a model, I thought this post originally from Winnie, a model from Singapore, on a Model Mayhem forum would be perfectly paired with that post.  I am sure that other photographers have felt unappreciated at times or that people don’t fully understand all it takes to do a photo shoot.  But instead of a photographer (in this case me) getting on here and sounding like I am whining and complaining, I thought it would be cool to hear it directly from a model.  So here are Winnie’s thank you to photographers.  Enjoy!

There has been a really great thread going on about showing appreciation for models and what they go through, so I want to take this chance to do the same for photographers.

Photographers make a significant investment in their equipment. This guy just takes it to the extreme. Photo by Nathan Rupert.

1)  Thank you for taking the time to take up photography classes, start off as being lighting assistants and lugging other people’s equipment to learn about lighting, directing and composition. Those who are self taught, more kudos to you to you for taking the extra effort and time to study online manuals, asking questions and getting new models to test with you.

2)  Thank you for taking the time to learn this stupid and ridiculously difficult programme called Photoshop to help models look better, be it burn dodge heal, liquify, lighting, cloning and definitely helping us look better when we have an unexpected pimple or rash. Not to mention the amount of time you spend editing after each shoot. For models, we go home after a shoot and we can rest and wait for images, for you guys, the shoot is only half done.

3)  Thank you for taking the patience to coach us and making little jokes to help us relax when we are nervous on set, and taking the effort to make models feel as comfortable and confident as they can.

4)  Thank you for having to deal with flakes, escort problems, whine and still move on and not give up totally on models, and photography.

5)  Thank you for climbing stairs and ladders and trees and squeezing into funny positions to capture the best angles of us ever, perspiring and tiring yourself out after the shoot and going home to a grumpy wife/girlfriend/boyfriend.

6)  Thank you for spending about half of your hard earned cash you earn at your day job to puchase camera and lighting equipment, and using more of your money you could have bought yourself a new car or Rolex to maintain your equipment every now and then to be able to carry on with your profession, which in turns allow us to maintain our profession.

7)  Thank you to the newer photographers for having the courage to approach models for TFP and having your ego slammed when they do not respond to you.

8)  Thank you for not looking down on us. (Most of us anyway).

9)  Thank you for taking the time to research on concepts, recce locations where you could be having your day off going fishing or spending time with your SO or getting hammered with your buddies.

10)  Thank you for spending the extra money to engage and negotiate rates with stylists, muas and agency bookers so we can all have nice images to print for our book.

11)  Thank you for taking the extra time aside from photography to spend time in the forums to give newbies advice.

12)  For photographers who shoot film, thank you for spending the extra money to develop them when you can shoot digital and get a cheaper result, especially when film is so fucking ridiculously expensive.

13)  Thank you for for having to be the bad guy and reject us because our look don’t fit your project, your concept, but deep inside your heart you can’t find the heart to tell us that outrightly because we are so earnest when we respond to your casting or when we message you. You try to act like a jerk, but you feel uneasy about it. It’s okay. we understand