I have been interested in the world of photography for most of my life especially during my days in journalism in high school and college. I loved how photography could capture the moment in time. How a photo could tell a story. And the technical aspects of capturing and producing a quality photo. I even did a science fair project on the history of cameras and how they work. My dad also fueled this passion a bit with a massive collection of vintage cameras. So I finally picked up a digital point and shoot camera in 2006 and the fun began. From there I moved rather quickly into the world of a dSLR to provide more flexibility and freedom to capture a wider portion of the world. Before long I was taking thousands of photos a month and shooting events (even occasionally for pay!). The next evolution was to learning about lighting and portrait photography which has lead me to working with close to 160 local models on over a 180 shoots over the last several years. I have dabbled in pretty much every genre of photography over the years including landscape, cityscapes, travel, portrait, fashion, sports, events, and most recently street photography.