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January 07

Photo of the Week: Summer Yet?

Thought I would share a few photos to help put your mind somewhere other than the present moment where in most parts of the world it is FREEZING cold. Here in Pittsburgh there is a large snow storm predicted. I am sure that most of us would rather be at the beach! First image is […]

January 05

Baby It’s Cold Outside!!

Well folks it has been WAY too long since I last posted here on the blog!!  The holidays and laziness I guess are what I can blame it on!  But back in gear for the new year.  HAHA!  Seriously though I have some great posts on the way for your reading enjoyment.  Some helpful insights […]

December 11

Photo of the Week: Brrrr…Cold!!!

Thought this photo might be appropriate as they are calling for wind chills around zero this morning here in Pittsburgh. This is a photo I took a year or so ago on the Hot Metal Street Bridge that connects 2nd Avenue in Pittsburgh to the Southside Works area. Both sides of the river used to […]