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September 17

Interview: Molly Hanley – Part II

I hope that everyone enjoyed the first part of the interview with Molly!  And as promised, there is a lot to this talented young woman.  And Part II has even more in store!!  Read on and enjoy.  And don’t forget to share the link to this blog with others!  Comments are also always appreciated.  And […]

September 13

Interview: Molly Hanley – Part I

I am excited to share yet another great interview with a local talent!  I had the chance to meet Molly Hanley a few months back when she provided makeup assistance on a photo shoot.  I quickly learned that there was much more to this fresh young face than skills with a makeup brush and thought […]

September 03

Photo(s) of the Week: Dance

So what happens when you have access to a studio space, mix in some lighting, add a photographer wanting something fun and creative, and then the key element….a sweet, energetic, confident, dance major? You get a FANTASTIC photo shoot! I must say that I working with someone with a dance background can be a lot […]