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January 26

Poladroid: Old School Still Cool

While many might have fond memories of cameras from the past, how many can say that they would prefer shooting with an old camera versus a modern day digital?  I know…I know…there are a few of you out there still into film and doing some neat things with the older technology.  But if you are […]

January 15

Interview: ModCloth’s Danielle Bouchette – Part II

Thanks for stopping back to check out Part II of the interview with ModCloth.com‘s Danielle Bouchette.  If you missed part one, you might want to scroll down and start there first.  This is one of the longer interviews I have posted here to date, but I think there is a ton of great info!  In […]

November 18

Interview: Jeff Zoet (Episode II)

In a galaxy far, far away… there lived a photographer named Jeff Zoet.  And in order to bring balance to the Force, and because he is a good guy, he agreed to be interviewed by this Jedi warrior wannabe!  Glad that all of you enjoyed the first part of this interview…  and as a special […]

November 16

Interview: Jeff Zoet (Episode I)

I am excited to launch what I hope are a long line of interesting interviews with talented individuals related to the world of photography.  And I am privileged to kick it off with a good one! Jeff Zoet (pronounced Zoot) grew up on a hog farm in Holland, Michigan.  10 years after moving to Pittsburgh […]