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September 13

Interview: Molly Hanley – Part I

I am excited to share yet another great interview with a local talent!  I had the chance to meet Molly Hanley a few months back when she provided makeup assistance on a photo shoot.  I quickly learned that there was much more to this fresh young face than skills with a makeup brush and thought […]

January 26

Poladroid: Old School Still Cool

While many might have fond memories of cameras from the past, how many can say that they would prefer shooting with an old camera versus a modern day digital?  I know…I know…there are a few of you out there still into film and doing some neat things with the older technology.  But if you are […]

November 18

Interview: Jeff Zoet (Episode II)

In a galaxy far, far away… there lived a photographer named Jeff Zoet.  And in order to bring balance to the Force, and because he is a good guy, he agreed to be interviewed by this Jedi warrior wannabe!  Glad that all of you enjoyed the first part of this interview…  and as a special […]